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The Biking Blog Launches Again!

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Welcome to the Biking Blog! This blog will eventually have all sorts of articles and information relating to the obsession, passion, and mania of motorcycling. Comments are welcome and invited on the blog – just please keep it clean and relevant. We will be forced to delete any posts outside the topic of the site or that contains content that shouldn’t be read by your 8 year old.

There is no allegience to any brand or style of motorcycle here. Though, we do have our own preferences and leanings! 😉 We are emphatically enthusiastic about motorycles and riding – of all kinds. As we hope to post on a regular basis, you will see this blog grow around a number of topics. Enjoy the reading, post your comments, and come back often.

Ride Safe! Ride warm! And, Ride a Lot!