The Right Motorcycle?

Would you know if you’re buying the Right Motorcycle?

If you’ve never purchased a motorcycle before, then this page is for you. If you’ve bought a bike and just never felt it was ‘the’ bike for you, then you’ll want to continue reading. If you keep buying motorcycles and just haven’t found “that one”, then stick around on this one. If you have owned a motorcycle for years and just love it and never want to sell it, then please stay because I’d love to hear from you.

Motorcycles are very personal. I’m sure you’ve passed a bike, parked somewhere, in a showroom, or at a show and you stopped to just admire it. Maybe you hadn’t even considered buying it or just knew the color wasn’t quite your style. You probably thought about just sitting on it for a moment. Just to get a feel for it. Of course, for most of us we wouldn’t consider sitting on someone else’s bike without their permission. It’s their baby. It’s their bike. And, there’s a chance we could get accosted if we did! Oops! BUT, just for a moment, just to feel it.

Yet, when you sit on a bike, what are you looking for? Do you know? Really?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the years about buying motorcycles. So, I’m in the process of completing an ebook for folks that want to know how to buy the right motorcycle. I’ve got a lot of great information for people that could use this ebook, yet I don’t want to publish it quite yet. I want more input from people like yourself. People that have those questions about buying the right motorcycle.

Please, do me a favor… Submit your most urgent question about buying the right motorcycle. Just type your question or questions in the box below, then enter your name and email address. I will send you a copy after I finish the ebook as a thank you.

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3 Responses to “The Right Motorcycle?”

  1. Richard Kemp says:

    Hi there I am wanting to know if I can use this article in one of my blogs if I link back to you? Thanks

  2. Rider says:

    Richard, Feel free to use any article as long as you give proper credit and link it back to this blog.

  3. Sean Perry says:

    i am a motorcycle fan and i am a collector too. motorcycles are really beautiful and a great mode of transport.`.*

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