Buying the Right Motorcycle

Over the years, I’ve owned a number of motorcycles. I guess I’ve been lucky that I’ve had some great bikes in my time. Great for me, that is. I have ridden a few that I knew wouldn’t last long. It didn’t take long in the saddle to know that the ride wasn’t ‘just right’.

I remember the first motorcycle that I bought. A friend took me out to his brother’s place to look at it. After a little chatting, they put me in the seat and described the controls. I moved the bike about 20 ft and called for them to take the bike. I had no idea what I was sitting on because I was scared as hell that I’d dump it or rocket off into a wall or something. It took me a couple weeks to finally figure out what it “felt like”.

When I’ve been out riding, or even talking with someone about riding, it always seems that someone asks about buying a motorcycle. Sometimes they have an eye on a particular model and sometimes they have no clue. I usually get the question about “how much did yours cost?” or some opinion on my model. Then there is “my friend’s got a Harley” or “my neighor’s got some kind of sport bike”. Usually, these people don’t ride and have no clue what the difference is between these bikes. Of course, many cut the conversation short to avoid making any sort of commitment. Most others are just confused by all the different brands and models.

So, I’ve decided to write an ebook to help folks figure out what might be “the right motorcycle” for them. I’ve got lots of my own opinions to create from and a lot of friends willing to offer their own thoughts as well. What I would like is more questions from people that are asking themselves that very question right now. “How do I make sure I’m buying the Right Motorcycle?”

For those people, if that’s you, or even if you’re an experienced rider and want to offer up your own opinion, I’ve set up a question submission form. You can send me your question and I’ll make sure I answer your question in the book to the best of my ability. In exchange, I’ll send you a free copy of the book when I’ve completed it.

To contribute with your own question, please go to Submit a Question. I appreciate your thoughts.

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