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Motorcycle Awareness… really?

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

First, ok. I know its been a looonngg time since I’ve posted here… But I couldn’t ‘not’ comment on this ridiculous reporting style on motorcyclists that die at the hands of stupid cage drivers.

This recent article reporting the death of a GoldWing rider and a severely injured passenger is typical of the indifference of our press organizations. They report the police as saying the GoldWing “broadsided” the Mercedes turning left on Rte 1. Excuse me! That makes the Mercedes driver sound like an accident victim! Bull! How about the mercedes driver turned left IN FRONT OF the GoldWing motorcycle! Jees! people! Call it what it is! I wasn’t there and I’m 99% sure the GoldWing didn’t change his position in the road in order to T-bone that mercedes driver! And, I’m sure the Mercedes driver didn’t get broadsided because he was watching for the oncoming traffic before turning!

Riders – take care out there. Not only are we still targets of stupid people in cages, those reporting on what happens to us haven’t a clue why. And wear your safety gear. Increase your odds of staying healthy if you have a crash.