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Cycle Obsession is dedicated to the mania of the love of motorcycles and motorcycling.  Motorcyclists, bikers, sport riders, touring riders, are only a few of our names as we spin our wheels around the globe.  We ride 'em shiny, dull, or with polish still stuck in the corners. 

We'll spend hours just washing, waxing, and fussing over our motorcycle.  We'll also spend hours, or days in the saddle leaning into the corners or just cruising across the massive blacktop of superhighways.  Just like our motorcycle, we're skinny, tubby, short, tall, average, bottom heavy, top heavy, ordinary, rough looking, goofy looking, plain looking, or just unremarkable.  That is, until we climb onto our favorite motorcycle.  It is then that we become mysterious, adventurous, elusive, sexy, or scary. 

We drift away from the problems of our ordinary jobs or lives, escaping the confines that bind us in society.  Is there any better reason to become obsessed with this sport, passion, pursuit, recreation, love?  Ever since the late 1800s when the cycle was tranformed into a motorized vehicle, man, woman, and child has become enthralled with riding the two, and often three wheeled vehicle known as the motorcycle.  Not even the freedom experienced as children as we whisked around the city, the town, or maybe the farm prepared us for the excitement we'd feel as we powered off on a small, medium or large motorcycle.

What is your passion?  Do you ride a street legal, factory built racing machine?  Or, do you ride a polished chrome cruiser down to the beach, around town, or across the state?  How about a simple and economical commuter motorcycle to and from work?  Perhaps even a large high tech, amply equipped cross country tour machine?  We love to compare our rides against those we ride with or others we pass.  We get competitive as we roll into turns and come upon a rider in front of us. On the weekend we gather in like or unlike groups, travel hundreds of miles to find a place to eat, and ride another hundred back.  All in the name of putting miles, turns, and smiles on.  Sometimes the food really isn't even that good! 

This is all just a touch of what our mad motorcycle obsessions are about.  We're obsessed with the machines we ride.  We're obsessed with the clothes and gear we wear while riding.  We're also obsessed about the miles we put on or the turns that we put behind us.  It is our passion, our recreation, our release, our excitement.  It is our obsession, it is our mania!  Power on!

Browse while you're here.  Read the articles, take a look at the Cycle Obession Rider's Store for motorcycle gear and equipment, and send us your comments.  Don't forget to check in on our biking blog where we'll talk more about motorcycling, motorcycle brands, and related topics.  Join in the conversation.  And, see you on the road.

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